Art Tiles

     Each year, I select a few of my paintings to reproduce in the form of ceramic art tiles. Handled carefully, they provide a lasting reproduction at a very affordable price. An art tile is made by taking a digital scan of the watercolor, adjusting the digital file on a computer, making a digital print on transfer material, and transferring the image to the surface of a tile where it is chemically bonded to the tile by heat. The image becomes part of the tile, not just a layer on its surface. The tiles can be displayed on a table-top plate stand, hung on the wall by means of the hook on the reverse, or can be embedded in a wall of tiles or cabinet doors in a bathroom or kitchen. They are not intended to be cutting boards or trivets, because the surface can be scratched by sharp or rough objects. Excessive heat will also mar the surface. The tiles are 8" x 10" with a  smooth, satiny surface. Each is $40; tax and shipping are extra. My clients have found these ideal for gifts, hostess presents, reminders of a trip, or a special treat for themselves. Due to ordering difficulties, many of my tiles are sold out but I will be ordering more for 2021, possibly with some new subjects or old favorites.

Plymouth Gentians

Description: These are lovely, pink wildflowers that grow around some glacial kettle ponds
on Cape Cod. Because they grow only on Cape Cod and in the Carolinas and are found no where else in the world, they are on the endangered species list.    SOLD OUT

Pebbles and Periwinkles

Description: Periwinkles, broken shell bits, a dog whelk, and seaglass nestle amongst pebbles on a beach south of Plymouth. There are several "lucky stones" (stones ringed with a stripe, in local lore they are lucky).                                                                        SOLD OUT

Breathing Space

Description: An open vista depicting Nauset Beach in Orleans. The original watercolor, overwritten in calligraphy with a quotation from Rachel Carson, was given to Laurel's marine biologist daughter                                                                                       ONE LEFT

Dune at Sunset

Description: A dune rises from a beach in East Dennis, showing the muted colors of white sands reflecting the colors of sunset. Beach grass and Dusty Miller anchor the dune in place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .                                                                                                                  SOLD OUT

Summer Journey

Description: An abbreviated version of the original painting, Journey to the Lighthouse, a popular walk along the road on Hardings Beach to the Stage Harbor lighthouse as seen at dusk when the shadows are long and colors more muted.                         SOLD OUT

Salute to Freedom

Description: A floral planter, bedecked with an American flag, on a front lawn of a home in Chatham on the 4th of July displays simple patriotism. The original painting was given to Laurel's daughter and son-in-law as a "thankyou" to both of them in the year he was in Afghanistan.                                                                                                ONE LEFT

Digging for Dinner

Description: A man is shown clamming for soft-shelled clams in Pleasant Bay in North Chatham as the tide rushes in around him.                                                TWO LEFT

Fishing at Sunset

Description: Fishermen after striper or blues bring their pick-up trucks and dog to the beach in the evening.This view was from Cahpin Beach in Dennis.                         THREE LEFT

Salt Pond Boathouses

Description: The boathouses on the outlet from Salt Pond to Nauset Marsh in Eastham in late day light. They are part of the view from the Visitor Center at the Cape Cod National Seashore.                                                                                                     THREE LEFT

All tiles purchased will have an additional shipping and handling charge added to the base cost of $40 per tile. They can be wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped,one to two to a package, by USPS Priority at $15 per box. If delivered to a Massachusetts address, there will be an addtional 6.25% tax per tile charge. 

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